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Webroot error code 10

Webroot is one of the best internet security antiviruses. No other antivirus can beat Webroot Secure Antivirus. It provides complete protection to its user’s devices and data. It is an advanced security software but sometimes an error may occur during the installation of Webroot software on your system. This error is Webroot Error Code 10. This is a very common error and can be resolved by easy and quick processes.

Webroot error code 10

Symptoms of Webroot Error Code 10

Getting an error may interfere with the working of your system. So, you must fix the error as soon as possible. With the help of the below-given symptoms, you can easily identify that your system is injected with  Error Code 10

  1. Performance of your device will become slow.
  2. You will start getting error message box while working on your device.
  3. Your system will start performing unexpectedly.
  4. The active programme window will get crashed.
  5. The device will start freezing within a certain time period.

Causes of Webroot Error Code 10

Knowing the cause of the error is a must before you start fixing it. Hence, go through the following given causes of Webroot error code 10.

  1. Incomplete or corrupt installation/download of Webroot product.
  2. Another programme either accidentally or maliciously deletes the webroot files.
  3. Viruses or malware corrupted the Windows system files or Webroot programme files.

How to Fix the Error?

After knowing the symptoms and causes, the next step is to fix the Webroot error code 10. There are many ways in which you can fix your error. Following are some easy and most common Troubleshooting methods that will help in resolving the error.

  • Repair Registry Entries Which are Associated with Error Code 10

    • Firstly, click on the start button and type “CMD” in the search box.
    • This will open the registry editor using the command prompt.
    • Now, press “Enter, Ctrl, and Shift” key altogether.
    • Click “Yes” to open the command prompt.
    • Then, type “Regedit”.
    • Next, you have to select the Key which is associated with the error.
    • Select “Export” from the File Menu.
    • From the “Save In” list, select a folder where you want to save the backup key.
    • Now, type the name in the File name box and choose “Selected Branch” from the Export Range.
    • To save the backup file, click “save”.

This completes the resolving of the error by repairing registry entries. 

  • Run Disk Cleanup

Another method that will help you to fix the error is by running the disk cleanup in your system. For this, follow the given steps.

    • Open start menu from the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Now, in the search box type “CMD” followed by holding “Ctrl+Shift” key together and then press “Enter”.
    • When prompted to open a Command prompt, click “Yes”.
    • In the command prompt, you have to type “cleanmgr” and then hit “Enter”.
    • Subsequently, It will start the disc cleanup process and show you the results afterwards. 
    • Now, tick the checkbox beside Temp files and Junk folders. 
    • Click “Ok”.
    • Lastly, restart your device and then check for the Webroot Error Code 10.
  •  Update System Drive

Your system can also show Webroot Error Code 10 because of corrupt or out-of-date drivers. So, to fix the error you have to check if drivers in your system are up-to-date. In case the drivers are out-of-date, then you have to install the latest updates/versions of the drivers. After all the updates, check whether the error is fixed or not. If now also, you find your device showing this error, then try to uninstall and install Webroot Antivirus on your system. 

Along with these above-given methods, there are several other methods that will help you in fixing the error. These methods are as follows. 

  1. Utilize Windows System Restore to removing all the recent updates made to your device.
  2. Perform a Clean Installation of Windows. 
  3. Conduct a full malware scan of your device.

This is how you can resolve the Webroot Error Code 10. Even after following these methods, you find this error. Then you can take help through Webroot Antivirus Support. Customer support service of Webroot is available 24× 7.


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